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Web Design is a reflection of your company; an extension of your brand; and a powerful marketing tool that can convert leads into sales.

What is Website Design and Website Development? Are they not the same?

Website Design is what your customers will see.  A web designer looks at the overall design and how the user interacts with it.  Our web designers know how to put it together using the principles of design.  They understand usability and create a site that users can easily navigate.

Website Development is what the user does not see.  It is the programming and the interactions on the pages. C & W  Web developers focus on how the site works and how the users get things done on the site. Our web developers will keep your site running effectively due to our extensive knowledge of programming languages and how forms work.

Questions to ask yourself about your current site and to consider for a new site.

  • Does the homepage download efficiently?
  • Does the site look good? What is the eye drawn to immediately?
  • What seems to be the main purpose of your site? Is the purpose clear?
  • Ease of navigation – Is the user able to move around within the site with ease?
  • Use of multi media – Does each graphic, audio file, video file, etc., serve a clear purpose?
  • Browser compatibility – Is your site equally effective with a variety of browsers such as Explorer, Chrome, Firefox?
  • Content presentation – Is the information easy to find (no more than three clicks, for example)?
  • Call to action – Is there contact information provided to contact a person or address for further information?


What makes us different

“We have worked with C&W Web Developers for several years now. They helped us build presentations for clients and totally redesigned and rebuilt our own corporate website and have maintained it since. It’s a site that evokes comment and praise for its tidy, tight, yet thorough look and feel. We’re proud of it. That’s why we can wholeheartedly recommend C&W Web Developers for anyone who is looking for a creative, thorough, professional, and affordable web design firm.” Bart Mindszenthy, Partner, The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corporation Toronto

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