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WordPress Security Tips

Are you keeping your WordPress Website secure? Your personal information, usernames, passwords, and identities stolen and sold on the dark web, the topic of web security sounds impossible. Please follow and like us:

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Tip of the month February 2018- Google my Business

Have you seen the post option in your Google my Business? You can now add posts!  Add your events, products, services directly to Google Search and maps.  Log into your google my business account and look for the link posts.  Enter your post and it will appear on your search for seven (7) days.  What […]

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12.5 tips to help you close your deals.

If you’re like me you are always looking for ways to increase sales.  Recently I came across this website The Sales Hunter When I meet with prospective clients the topic of price always comes up and I use to struggle with it. I  am a people pleaser and I would do whatever it took to get […]

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Did you name your page with spaces?

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