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Yoast SEO plugin why we use it and how it can help you.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin. Why we use it and why we recommend it to our clients. Please follow and like us:

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Bounce Rate what is it and does it affect my Google ranking?

Bounce rate is the percentage of all sessions on your website in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Google Analytics server. What does a high bounce rate mean for your website? 3 possible reasons Your content does not match what they were looking for Visitors found what they […]

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The Best Way to Build Links in 2018

I read this article the other day and felt that it answers the question that my clients often ask “How do I build links”.  Please follow and like us:

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Google Algorithm changes over time-Tip of the month

Over the years, Google has made many changes to their algorithm. Google’s search engine wasn’t nearly as powerful or accurate as it is today. Every time Google found a weakness in its ability to deliver relevant, high-quality search results, they made fixes to address it. One of the more recent Google search algorithm “fixes” was […]

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Facebook changes-tip of the month-April

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Six Social Media Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

I read this post today Six Social Media Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid from Site Pro News written by Francesca Di Meglio. I really liked her comments about reaching the wrong people and #hashtags. This is one area that really that I believe everyone should pay close attention to. I am still amazed when people let me know […]

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What to do when you receive a negative comment on your social media account.

I purchased a new computer from HP recently and managed to save a considerable amount of money by doing so online. It took 1 week for it to arrive, but I figured it was worth the wait to save the money. Once it arrived I opened it up and turned on the power….and nothing happened.  Checked all of […]

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