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Deleting a page on your website correctly.

Before you hit the delete button make sure and consider the following:

  • Is there currently a lot of traffic coming to this page. In your Google Analytics, check the behaviour of the page.
  • Is this page currently linking to other pages on your website. If you delete the page then will create a broken link on your website.
  • 404 error – page not found. The 404 status code indicates that the page in question can’t be located on the server. This is the correct status to return if the content isn’t moving to another location. According to Google, 404 pages are “a perfectly normal part of the web”, as page’s are removed from websites all of the time.
  • Don’t rely on the default 404 page, Customize your 404 page to represent your website.

If you decide to delete the page then you need to implement a 301 redirect. 301 redirects are used to notify that a page on your website has permanently moved to a new location. They ensure that visitors accessing the old URL are redirected to the appropriate new location, and that value of any links pointing toward the old URL are retained and passed on to the new version.

Finally, when considering to remove a page from your website this will affect the visitors to your website. Think carefully why you want to delete a page and then follow the correct procedures.

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