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Six Social Media Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

I read this post today Six Social Media Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid from Site Pro News written by Francesca Di Meglio. I really liked her comments about reaching the wrong people and #hashtags. This is one area that really that I believe everyone should pay close attention to. I am still amazed when people let me know how many people they are connected to on LinkedIn and Facebook. I love to ask “How many of them have you actually met or conversed with either in person or email?” The answer is usually a blank look or I am told well a few of them. Why connect if your not going to be interested in what they do. It annoys me on Twitter when I see silly #hashtags being used. Using the source http://www.hashtags.org/ will help you find the hashtags that your audience are looking in.

Thanks Francesca, great post.

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