12.5 tips to help you close your deals.

If you’re like me you are always looking for ways to increase sales.  Recently I came across this website The Sales Hunter

12.5 Critical Factors for Negotiating When I meet with prospective clients the topic of price always comes up and I use to struggle with it. I  am a people pleaser and I would do whatever it took to get the sale.  This infographic helps me to stay focussed on what I am trying to accomplish when I sell.  The factors that appealed to me the most were.

Only negotiate with the decision maker.  There is nothing more frustrating then finishing a sales presentation only to find out that the person I was meeting with was not the decision maker.

Know their needs.  Research your prospect before you meet with them.  I take it as a real compliment when a client or prospect says to me, “thanks for getting to know about our business”.

Be comfortable walking away. This one is a work in progress.  If I see that they are not ready to make a decision immediately, my first reaction is to negotiate my price.  Not a good strategy.  A better one is to walk away after I have found out what their decision timeline is.

How about you?




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